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Once upon a time, three college kids got together, opened a bunch of restaurants, and started families in Chico, CA. Fast forward to today: we have made the decision to sell La Salles and move on with a bittersweet, heartfelt *THANK YOU* to everyone who has been involved! Our last day of operation was Sunday, December 11th 2022, and our live music schedule continued uninterrupted until then! We are so proud to have been part of such an iconic business known as La Salles for 24 years. It has truly been a privilege to experience great fun, great food, and awesome music for over two decades. It's time for us to slow down a little, and reflect on all the great memories we’ve made. We could not have done it without ALL of our outstanding employees — and especially ALL of YOU, our community, who has supported us for so long. We will continue to stay busy running @rileyschico, @frankyschico, @5thstreetsteakhouse, and @sutterstreetsteakhouse. Keep the music in your hearts and raise your glasses to the next time we see you around Chico! CHEERS! Thank you for always including us in your lives and in your experiences.
Nick / Kev / Mike

Established 1975

For over 45 La Salles has been Chico's place for an epic night on the town.
From fantastic music, to booze, to fine dining,
La Salles has provided a venue for northern California for decades.

Now it's time to let our venue be passed on to Coin-Op, so we can spend some time with our families.

The Legacy of La Salles will love on... and who knows, we just might surprise you with what we do next.


It's time for us to slow down a little


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La Salles Night Club

1999 - 2016

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